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◆About the updates of Layer Section & Galactic Attack S-Tribute for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One version


- Modified the button configuration function. Super Rapid (Shot 30/s) can now be assigned separately from the normal shot (Shot 15/s). In addition, shortcut commands such as Laser 10/s, Rewind, and Quick Save can be freely assigned to buttons.


- You can now use Super Rapid (Shot 30/s) in the online ranking mode.


- Support has been added for both 90° and 270° screen rotation functions. When rotating the screen (when SCREEN is set to ARCADE), the screen rotation direction can be changed by switching Screen Flip in Screen Settings.


- Added the ability to swap playing sides. You can now start on the 2P side when only 1 player. This can be set by toggling Player under Extra Option.


- Adjusted the appearance of some wallpapers. The boundary between the main game screen and the wallpaper (background outside the game) has been made clearer.


- Reduced darkening of the game screen when the menu is open to make scan line settings more visible.



Thank you for your continued support.


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