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◆About the future updates of Layer Section & Galactic Attack S-Tribute

Thank you for your feedback on the demo version and the official live stream.

We are currently planning an update that will add and revamp the features of this title.

This update is scheduled for June. Please understand that details and timing are subject to change.


- The Button Config will be modified to allow the user to freely assign the Normal Rapid (15 per second), the new Super Rapid (30 per second), Rapid of Lock-On Laser, and shortcut commands such as Rewind and Quick Save.


- In the online ranking mode, Super Rapid (30 per second) will be available.

*Now, you can use Normal Rapid (15 per second), in the online ranking mode, but you cannot use Super Rapid (30 per second). However, some devices (e.g., modded rapid fire pad) can use rapid, which is faster than Normal Rapid, allowing players to participate in online rankings with an advantage. In order to eliminate the advantage of these devices as much as possible, we will change the specifications so that Super Rapid can be used in the online ranking mode. The leaderboard will not be reset at the time of the update. We apologize for any inconvenience until the update.


- Adds 270 degree rotation to the Screen Orientation options.


- Adds the ability to swap playing sides. It will be possible to start on the 2P side when only 1 player.


- The appearance of some wallpapers will be adjusted. This will make the boundary between the main game screen and the wallpaper (background outside the game) more distinct.


Please wait for future announcements for more details.


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