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◆About the updates of Layer Section & Galactic Attack S-Tribute for PlayStation 4 version


- Modified the button configuration function. Super Rapid (Shot 30/s) can now be assigned separately from the normal shot (Shot 15/s). In addition, shortcut commands such as Laser 10/s, Rewind, and Quick Save can be freely assigned to buttons.


- You can now use Super Rapid (Shot 30/s) in the online ranking mode.


- Support has been added for both 90° and 270° screen rotation functions. When rotating the screen (when SCREEN is set to ARCADE), the screen rotation direction can be changed by switching Screen Flip in Screen Settings.


- Added the ability to swap playing sides. You can now start on the 2P side when only 1 player. This can be set by toggling Player under Extra Option.


- Adjusted the appearance of some wallpapers. The boundary between the main game screen and the wallpaper (background outside the game) has been made clearer.


- Reduced darkening of the game screen when the menu is open to make scan line settings more visible.



Updates for the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One versions will follow soon.


Thank you for your continued support.


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