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Nintendo Switch/ PlayStation4 / Steam / XBOX

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3 classic shooters in 1

This collection Includes ❝Cotton 2,❝ a witch girl shooting game that lets you manipulate shots and attribute magic by inputting commands just like in a fighting game; ❝Cotton Boomerang,❝ which adds new commands and more freedom to switch characters along the way and ❝Guardian Force,❝ a multi-directional force-scrolling shooter that lets you control turrets and attack from all angles.

New features for updated gameplay as well as online rankings

New to the series, now players are able to pause the game at will, use quick save/load and rewind and slow down the gameplay.

These features are perfect for players of all levels. This collection also has online rankings.

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Packaged Version

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Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute


Omnibus Shooter


Nintendo Switch、PlayStation 4

Regular Edition Price


Special Edition Price


Release date

September 30, 2021

Number of players

One or two players

Languages supported

Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese, Korean (only Japanese is supported for in game)

Download Version

Cotton2 Saturn Tribute

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Cotton Boomerang Saturn Tribute

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Guardian Force Saturn Tribute

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*Information about the Xbox One and Steam versions will be announced soon.

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Special Edition

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The special items included in the Special Edition are: the arcade version of the instruction guide, the developer interview booklet, and the original sound of the Guardian Force soundtrack.

The packaging for both the standard and special editions was drawn by the original designer of ❝Cotton 2❝, Mr. Toshihisa Katsuki!

Store Special Items

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Claris Shop Benefits❝Ride the teacup! Mini-Cotton figure❞ 's image

Ride the teacup! Mini-Cotton figure

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Original Clear File

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Original Passcase

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Original Underlay

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Original badge

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Original teacup

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Original acrylic coasters (2 types)

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Original water absorbent coasters

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Ebiten Limited Set ❝Famitsu DX Pack❞ (reprinted calendar / original notebook / consolidated acrylic key holder)

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