OMEGA 6 The Triangle Stars

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Earth, somewhere in the distant future.


Thanks to a technology that extends the average lifespan up to about 400 years,

humanity lives comfortably,

despite the societal problems associated with an aging populace.


Then, one day, a wormhole appeared suddenly near Mars.

Via this phenomenon, Earth saw an influx of aliens and,

before anybody realized, all the planet’s major cities were occupied

by these migratory extra-terrestrials.


Concerned with this situation, Dr Victor Franglin,a leading researcher on longevity,

decides to search for a second Earth.


In order to that humanity may thrive once again thrive once their new home was found,

he creates two humanoids, Thunder and Kyra,

and sends them in on their quest aboard the Omega 6 spacecraft.


And thus began Thunder and Kyla's long and extraordinary adventures.

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今村孝矢が手掛けるSFアドベンチャーコミック『OMEGA 6』の日本語カラー版を期間限定で特別掲載!

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In their space-bound adventure in search of a new home for the people of Earth, the two humanoids named Thunder and Kyla go on an adventure in space. On their way, they visit 3 different planets: the first planet is Impostar, a planet filled with aliens from all four corners of space. The second planet is Igni, a fiery planet with a harsh environment. The third planet is Froslara, a planet as frozen as its residents are rich. And on every planet, new encounters and incidents await!

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Treasure attracts trouble, leading to card-based battles with anyone from rival treasure hunters to unknown aliens lurking about. With a set number of cards in your hand, read through your opponent’s strategy and forge a path to absolute victory! Inside your spaceship is a bonsai that bears fruits. Use them to boost your abilities or switch your opponent’s hand with yours. This bonsai also bears Magic Fruits, which will hold tremendous powers, but use them at your own risk!

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Sometimes, you’ll need to hunt bounties or go shopping to continue your adventure. There’s plenty more to enjoy too: from growing the spaceship’s bonsai to collecting works of art. And random events mean even previously visited scenes might hold something new. The citizens of the planet you’re visiting might give you an item or pick a fight with you. More than 100 characters can be viewed in your encyclopedia, so aim to meet the all!!

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More information coming soon!

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Takaya Imamura


Illustrator, mangaka.

He joined Nintendo in 1989 and

worked on the art direction for series like

Star Fox, F-Zero and The Legend of Zelda.

He quit his job in 2021,

and now works as a lecturer at the International Professional University of Technology in Osaka

as well as a freelance illustrator.

He launched his first manga "OMEGA 6" in

France in October 2022, via Omaké Books.

Shinobu Amayake


Composer, musician.

She composed for Nintendo games such as

Stunt Race FX, NES Open Tournament Golf,

Wario's Woods or Pokemon Ranger.

After her leaving Nintendo, she now works

as a pianist and a jazz vocalist.

She performs in Kyoto and Osaka.

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OMEGA 6 The Triangle Stars

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Nintendo Switch


Happymeal Inc. / Pleocene


Clear River Games

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