JALECO License Catalog

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  • Bases Loaded
  • City Connection / Cruisin
  • Rodland
  • Avenging Spirit / Phantasm
  • Brawl Brothers / Rushing Beat Ran
  • Pinball Quest


Title Genre First Release
64th Street: A Detective StoryAction1991
Aeroboto / Formation ZShooter1984
Avenging Spirit / PhantasmAction1991
Bases LoadedSports1987
Bashi Bazook: Morphoid Masher / Bio Senshi DanAction1987
Battle Unit ZeothAction Shooter1990
Best Bout BoxingSports1993
Big RunRacing1989
Brawl Brothers / Rushing Beat RanAction1992
Captain FlagAction1993
CarrierAction Adventure2000
Chimera BeastShooterUnreleased
Cisco HeatRacing1990
City Connection / CruisinAction1985
Desert WarShooter1995
Dragon SeedsSimulation1998
E.D.F. Earth Defense ForceShooter1991
Earth Defense Force / Super E.D.F.Shooter1991
Field CombatShooter1985
Fortified ZoneAction Shooter1993
Game Paradise / Game TengokuShooter1995
Ignition Factor / Fire FightingAction1994
Kick OffSports1988
Ninja JaJaMaru-kunAction1985
Ninja KazanAction1988
Operation: Logic BombAction Shooter1993
P-47 AcesShooter1988
P-47 The Phantom FighterShooter1995
Pinball QuestPinball1989
Pizza PopAction1992
Plus AlphaShooter1989
Psychic 5Action1987
Racket AttackSports1988
Rival Turf / Rushing BeatAction1992
Rock'n TreadMusic1999
Saint DragonShooter1989
Second Earth GratiaShooter1996
Sky Fox / ExerizerShooter1987
Stepping StageMusic1999
The Astyanax / The Road Of KingAction1989
The Peace Keepers / Rushing Beat ShuraAction1993
Totally Rad / Magic JohnAction1990
Tuff E Nuff / Dead DanceFighting1993
Whomp 'Em / Saiyuki World 2Action1990
Wild PilotShooter1993
Yokai ClubAction1987

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