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Product information

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Images of the contents of the 'Gimmick! Special Edition'

Released in 1992 on NES by Sunsoft, Gimmick, the action game, is back! Revisit the good old challenges of this game today, now with new features such as the Quick save&load function or the Rewind function. The time it took you to complete any stage in Normal Mode or Serious Mode is recorded at the end of the stage. You can then share the total time (the time it took you to complete the whole game) with other players online in Online Ranked mode. Additionally, you can try to unlock the 25 achievements of the game in Serious Mode. Despite its cute art style, this dynamic legendary game comes with one of the most sophisticated and popish soundtracks of the NES! Challenge yourself with this new special edition of Gimmick!

TItle: Gimmick! Special Edition

Platform: Nintendo Switch™ / Playstation®4 / Steam / XboxOne

Player: 1

Genre: Action

Release date: Release date: July 6th, 2023

Download price:

Nintendo Switch™ / XboxOne / Steam : 1,850 Yen

Playstation®4 : 1,870 Yen


Nintendo Switch™ / Playstation®4

Release date:December 7, 2023 Release

Normal Edition: 3,980 Yen

DELUXE 1st RUN Edition Price: 5,480 Yen

Collector's Box Edition Price: 11,480 Yen

◎Limited Run Games

Collector's Edition ・Physical Edition: May 16th, 2023

Collector's Edition: $74.99 (Nintendo Switch™ / Playstation®4)

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◎Sold by SUPERDELUXE GAMES on December 7, 2023! (Reservations are now being accepted.)

<Normal Edition>

『Gimmick! Special Edition』 Game software images Released on December 7, 2023>

-Game software (Nintendo Switch™ / PlayStation®4)

☆Contents of Permanently Enclosed Privileges

-Reversible Jacket

-Original Manual


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<DELUXE 1st RUN Edition>

『Gimmick! Special Edition』 <DELUXE 1st RUN>Image of Nintendo Switch™ version to be released on December 7, 2023>

Initial production limited bonus content:

-three-way case

-『DELUXE+』 mini-magazine

-Original Soundtrack CD

-Trading card

☆Contents of Permanently Enclosed Privileges

-Reversible Jacket

-Original Manual


SDX Official Store Exclusive(Reservation period (Japan time): From June 1, 2023 to 23:59, September 30, 2023)

<Collector's Box>

『Gimmick! Special Edition』 <Collector's Box>Nintendo Switch Img December 7, 2023>

Set to be included:

・'Yumetaro' plush toy

・Pin badge

<DELUXE 1st Run Set>

-three-way case

-『DELUXE+』 mini-magazine

-Original Soundtrack CD

-Trading card

☆Contents of Permanently Enclosed Privileges

-Reversible jacket

-Original Manual


SDX Official Store,Amazon,GEO,ebten,amiami,GameShop1983,Yodobashi Camera,Other

Game Information


Gimmick! logo image

ROM cassette image of 'Gimmick!'  software for the Family Computer
Image of game screen 1 of 'Gimmick!'
Image of game screen 2 of 'Gimmick!'
Image of game screen 3 of 'Gimmick!'
Image of game screen 4 of 'Gimmick!'
Image of game screen  of 'Gimmick!'

On a birthday cake, candles are swaying - the same number of candles as the years of a little girl. Today, this is her birthday. Her father, who is always busy, is free to spend the whole day with her. In fact, the girl is more excited about spending the day with her family - her mother, her father, and herself - than about the birthday party itself. 'Happy birthday!' The girl opens her present box, laughing a little.Yumetaro was wandering in a stuffed toy shop when the employee of the shop was advising the girl's father on a present. Panicked, Yumetaro hid in a pile of pink stuffed toys that looked exactly like him.Suddenly, the father stopped walking...and picked Yumetaro, who was pretending to be a stuffed toy. This is how he ended up as a present inside a box tied with ribbons.The little girl grows immediately fond of her new toy. She can't avert her gaze from him ever since she brought him into her room. The girl loves Yumetaro so much that all the other stuffed toys she received in the past years feel uneasy about this situation. They no longer feel loved. One night, the other toys suddenly come to life and take the little girl away to another dimension. Left alone, it is now up to Yumetaro to bring the little girl back.

ROM cassette image of 'Gimmick!'  software for the Family Computer
Image of game screen 1 of 'Gimmick!'
Image of game screen 2 of 'Gimmick!'
Image of game screen 3 of 'Gimmick!'
Image of game screen 4 of 'Gimmick!'
Image of game screen  of 'Gimmick!'

The characters

Character Image 1 'Yumetaro'


The main character of Gimmick. He set off on a journey to find the girl, taken away into another dimension.

Character Image 2 Giant Ohagi

●Giant Ohagi

All the other Ohagis seem to come from this one. Boss of Stage 1.

Character Image 3 Kaizoku


Wields and attacks with the sword in his hand. Boss of Stage 2.

Character Image 4 Tori-san


A bird that thinks it looks cool, perched on its mast.

Character Image 5 Ponta


Thinks he is the monarch of the forest. Attacks with 'Acorn bombs'.

Character Image 6 Yadokama


Someone raised it to become this big. Boss of Stage 3, and quite a strong opponent.

New modes

Three mode heading images to choose from

◎Common Menu

Common menu screen image

You can switch between three different modes in this game.

*The default mode is 'Normal Mode'.

Normal Mode

Normal mode image

A beginner-friendly mode that comes with the Rewind function or the Quick save&load function.

*The Rewind function can be enabled or disabled in the Options menu.

Serious Mode

Serious Mode image

It challenges the player to unlock achievements.*This mode doesn't allow you to use the new features of the game.

Speedrun Mode

Speedrun Mode image

This mode allows you to submit the time it took you to reach the Normal or True Ending. *This mode doesn't allow you to use the new features of the game.

*If you interrupt or reset the game, your time will not be recorded.

New functions

Header images of three useful functions

New function 1: Rewind

New Feature 1 Heading Image
New Feature 1: Rewind screen image

You can rewind anytime by pressing the Rewind button.

(*This function can be enabled or disabled)

New Feature 2: Quick Save/Load

New Feature 2 Heading Image
New Feature 2: Quick Save/Load screen image

You can save and load your play anytime. Up to 3 slots can be saved.

New function 3: Accessory

New Feature 3 Heading Image
New Feature 4: Accessory Screen Images

You can see the current score and the high score in Normal or Serious Mode. In Serious Mode, this also displays your achievements.

Additional features

3 surprise Images


Image of the extras screen

You can have a look at some old documents like old packages of the game, old booklets, etc.

This also includes the Scandinavian documents of the game (packages, booklets, etc) from Mr.Gimmick.

*The instruction manual can be read via the menu of the game.


Image of the Achievements screen

Achievements can be unlocked in Serious Mode and can be checked via the title screen. They can also be checked in the Score Menu.

Online Ranking

Image of the Online Ranking screen

You can share your completion time in Normal and Serious Mode with other players online. You can share your Total Time as well.

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