Have you ever heard of something called “Kamikakushi”?

lost children are reported all over the world.

Where in the world are these lost children going ......?

Those who have been in accidents: .......

Those who fall into the hands of criminals: .......

And .......

Those who have opened the door to another world: .......

The main character, Windia, is a 13-year-old girl living in London.

One day she goes missing on her way to school: .......

According to witnesses, she was suddenly sucked into a light that appeared in front of her and disappeared. .....

This is the “Kamikakushi” ,

She had been sucked into a different world.

The world she ended up in, a western city reminiscent of the early 20th century.

Windia was taken under the protection of an old man's mansion.

The owner of the mansion, Mr. Dior's, told her the shocking truth as if he understood everything.

This is a country called Gilverado, a place that doesn't exist on Earth. ......

And that there is no way to return .......

Windia broke down in tears at the sudden event. ......

Gilvarado is a peaceful country reminiscent of early 20th century Europe.

In this country, it was said that those who wandered in from this world would acquire special magical abilities.

Mr. Dior's lived by feeding hapless lost children like Windia and contributing to the king with their magical powers.

Mr. Dior's daughters are known as angels and are loved by all.

Thanks to them, Gilverado was living a peaceful life.

However, something happened that tore the peace apart.

Legendary demons have appeared and begun to attack the people.

Mr. Dior's is ordered by the king to send the angels.

Windia's first mission is a tough one: to exterminate a demon in a city that has been attacked.

What awaited them at the scene was ......

It was as if the demon world had overflowed into hell. ......





Windia visual image

(CV:Naomi Iida)

A thirteen-year-old girl growing up in a middle-class family in London.

She is shy and whiny, a spoiled child who seems to want to remain a child forever.

One day, she was kidnapped on her way to school. The moment she felt her life was in danger, she was enveloped in light and went missing.

She wakes up as a “Wind Magic” and is sent on her first mission, even though she is still inexperienced.

She and the white owl demon she summoned have quickly become friends, forming a relationship similar to that of an unreliable master and the butler who takes care of him.


Casper visual image

(CV:Miho Hayashi)

She came to this world from Berlin, Germany, when she was six years old.

The reason why she became a lost child is unknown.

She can't remember what kind of painful experience she went through.

Maybe it's because of a bad experience in the past, or maybe it's just a coincidence.

Whether it's because of her abominable past experiences or by coincidence, she has awakened as the most advanced “Death Magic” among the Angels.

She is selfish and cynical, and has a hard time getting along with others, but this is the opposite of loneliness, and she is actually a clumsy girl who is most hungry for affection and doesn't know how to be honest.


Follett visual image

(CV:Rumi Abe)

she came to this world from Paris, France when she was 10 years old.

On a stormy night, he was swept away by a swollen river and went missing.

Perhaps because of the cold weather, she soon woke up as a “Fire Magic”, and when the fire she caught started a forest fire, she was protected by angels sent to put it out.

He is a reclusive type who loves to stay in his room and read books, and is not good at interacting with people.

Even now that I have mastered magic, I still have the habit of constantly referring to grimoires, but that may be a lesson for the fire I started with my magic.


Rosa visual image

(CV:Natsuko Tauchi)

She came to this world from California, USA, when he was eight years old.

When she was involved in a car accident, she slipped through a door and came to this world in a near-death state, but Dior's healing magic saved her life.

She has awakened to the ability of a “Spirit Magic” who can control flower fairies.

She has spent the longest time in this world among the Angels, so she has a lot of experience, and as a leader, she holds everyone together and is a very trustworthy girl.

She often tells humor and jokes in an attempt to make her sisters feel at ease, even though they tend to be scattered. She often uses humor and jokes to try to make the sisters feel more at ease, but it's a little off-putting and the effect is not always clear.


Level (difficulty) select image

Level (difficulty) select

You can select the difficulty level of each stage, from level 1 (easy) to 3 (hard).

In Arcade Mode, you can select levels 1 and 2 a limited number of times.

Basic attack law image

Basic attack law

Shots can be fired to the right or left, and each shot has a button assigned to it.

Use the left and right buttons to shoot the oncoming enemies.

In addition, by pressing and holding each shot button, you can unleash a powerful concentrated attack.

Focused attacks are effective against enemies with a lot of stamina. Use them according to the situation.

You can also lock on to enemies by pressing the left and right shot buttons simultaneously.

Bomb image


When you have a stock of bombs you can use them.

The bomb will attack the enemy and dissipate the enemy bullets in the screen.

Item image


Some enemies drop score items when defeated.

As you acquire scoring items, your item counter will increase.

Depending on how you attack, some enemies will drop more items than others when defeated.

In order to collect items efficiently, try out various attack methods.

Power up image

Power up

When the item counter is full, press and hold the left and right shot buttons to turn your ship into a power-up.

The power-up will continue until the counter reaches zero.

You will not miss even if you hit an enemy while in the power-up state.

*This does not apply to boss battles.

Normal Mode image

Normal Mode

This is a high-resolution version with improved image quality compared to Arcade Mode.

This mode has no limitations on stage difficulty selection. Beginners may want to start with this mode.

Version 1.1 image

Version 1.1

In Version 1.1, you can power up when your item counter is over 100. (In Arcade Mode, you can only power up when you have 1000 item counter.)

This makes it more challenging and exciting.

Power up image

Power up

This version adds the character “Sakura”, the stage “Crystal Palace”, and the difficulty level “999”.

In Arcade Mode and Normal Mode, you can get power up when the item counter is 500 or more. In Version 1.1, when it is 100 or more.



A little over a month has passed since the battle of Halloween.

Christmas was about to arrive for the Windia’s who remained in Gilverado.

The city is bustling with activity and the snow adds to the Christmas atmosphere.

On her way home from shopping in the city, Windia found a little girl crouched in an alleyway.

The little girl was freezing cold, barely keeping warm with the small flame of the match in her hand.

When Windir heard that the child did not have a home and was hungry, he felt sorry for her and decided to take her back to mansion.

But that night...

A scream echoed through the mansion.

Then I saw Grandpa Mr. Dior's lying on the ground, bleeding.

The little boy with the glowing red eyes is standing nearby.

Then, an eerie voice echoes from outside the window.

“It's revenge, isn't it? I got my revenge, didn't I?”

It seems that he manipulated the little girl with his magic and tried to kill Grandpa Dior. The big man laughed and flew off into the night sky.

He then stole the treasure called “Wishing Notes”, which Grandpa cherishes and is said to grant only one wish.

If “Wishing Notes” is used for something bad, it will be a terrible thing.

Angel's eldest daughters, Rosa and Follette, are stuck here tending to their grandfather.

Windia and Casper were ordered to follow and take back “Wishing Notes”.

The situation is time-sensitive.

At that moment, the little girl who had been subjected to the jutsu looked like she was about to cry and said she wanted to help because she wanted to apologize.

On the child's back is the sign of the Lost Children, the Familiar s wings...

She was a new Angel who had wandered into Gilbarad from the current world...




Windia visual image

Wind Magic / Third daughter of the Dior family.

Age 13 years old

Height 151cm

Blood type A

Birthplace London, England

Favorite food All kinds of sweets

Thirteen years old, born in London, England.

She was attacked by kidnappers in London about six months ago, and the energy he felt threatened his life opened a door of light (a passage to another dimension), and he came directly to Gilbarad.

She is a spoiled child, a crybaby, and a lonely person.

She is not the type to take the initiative, but when she does, she does it with guts.


Supe visual image

Dream Magic / New Angel?

Age 7 years old

Height 115cm

Blood type AB

Birthplace Copenhagen, Denmark

Favorite food Warm food

Born in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

Two weeks ago, while skating on a lake in the suburbs, the ice breaks and she falls into the lake.

Her brother tries to save her, but he is unable to do so, and she sinks into the cold water.

At that time, she felt her life was in danger and came to Gilbarad through a door of light that opened to her.

While wandering around the Underworld Castle soaking wet, she is picked up by Satan Crowes.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, the messenger that took possession of Supie was the ghost of Tyrannosatan, who had been defeated by Angel and the others in the Halloween battle.

He is the strongest messenger with more than enough power to compensate for Supie's physical weakness.


Casper visual image

Death Magic / Fourth daughter of the Dior family.

Age 11 years old

Height 142cm

Blood type B

Birthplace Berlin, Germany

Favorite food Meat!

What kind of life did he have in the present world, and how did she come to be in Gilbarad? Casper has lost his memories of the present world, and everything is a mystery to her.

Perhaps because of this, he is less attached to the present world and lives in Gilvarado with a strong and positive attitude.

She is cocky and cynical.

She is not very good at being honest, so he says and does things that are the opposite of what he feels.


Lei visual image

Light Magic / False Angel?

Age 12 years old

Height 154cm

Blood type A

Birthplace Copenhagen, Denmark

Favorite food Snacks

He may look like this, but he is actually a man, and is Supe's older brother.

He tries to save Supe from falling into a lake where the ice has broken.

He tries to save Supe from falling into the ice, but ends up going through the door of light himself...

After being separated from Supe in Gilverado, he collapses in the mountains, soaking wet.

He was picked up by a drunk, middle-aged man named Goldberg.

Goldberg is poor, and although he helps Ray, he treats him like a slave.

One day, Goldberg learns about the activities of the Mr. Dior family's angels.

One day, Goldberg learns of the activities of the Mr. Dior family angels and dresses Ray as a fake Dior, hoping to make some money.

Lei, however, is struck by the loneliness and kindness that Goldberg sometimes shows.

One day, he finds himself in Mr. Dior's mansion.

One day, he spotted his sister Supe flying away from Mr. Dior's mansion and chased after her.

Then he gets caught up in the battle between the Satan Claws and the Angels.


Follett visual image

Fire Magic / Second daughter of the Dior family

Age 14 years old

Height 155cm

Blood type O

Birthplace Paris, France

Favorite food Mother's ratatouille

She is quiet and reserved.

Surprisingly, she hides her cold emotions.

She has a stubborn side that won't open up to people she doesn't approve of.

Her respect for her eldest daughter Rosa Her respect for her eldest daughter Rosa is often misunderstood, as if she has crossed a line.


Rosa visual image

Spirit Magic / Eldest daughter of the Dior famil

Age 17 years old

Height 162cm

Blood type AB

Birthplace California, USA

Favorite food Chocolate with alcohol

She was involved in a car accident in California and came to Gilbarad in a state of near-death.

She is the eldest daughter of the Dior family.

The eldest daughter of the Dior family. She has a gentle personality and a strong sense of responsibility.

She takes good care of the angels and is like a mother to them.

She decides to stay in the house for Dior, who was attacked by Satan's Crows.


Mode Introduction image

Mode Introduction

In addition to the Arcade mode, there is also the IIX mode, which has more offensive and defensive elements and scoring opportunities during power-ups, and the Arrange mode, which adds elements of familiar and a rank system.

In this title, IIX mode and Arrange mode are

IIX mode and Arrange mode can be played on a full HD (16:9) screen.

Warding (IIX) image

Warding (IIX)

Hold down the left and right shot buttons simultaneously to deploy the warding.

Enemies that come into contact with the wards will be fired with an auto-tracking warding laser.

The warding gauge is consumed while the wards are deployed, but it can be recovered over time and by acquiring scoring items.

You can recover it by acquiring time elapsing and scoring items.

Some enemies may shoot bullets that react to the warding laser during power-up.

The reactive bullets can be eliminated by closing the warding.

Switch when the timing is right.

throw a Familiar(Arranged) image

throw a Familiar(Arranged)

When the player throw Familiar, a defense field and a lock field are deployed around Familiar spirits.

The defense field converts the bullets of enemies it touches into items (small).

When Familiar is returned, enemies who touch the lock field will be fired with a warding laser.

Make full use of the Familiar throw, which is important for both offense and defense.

Let's attack the stage.

tTension meter (Arranged) image

Tension meter (Arranged)

A meter that affects the intensity of enemy attacks.

It increases with the acquisition of items (medium) and power-ups, and decreases over time.

It decreases as time passes.

After powering up, if you don't throw any Familiar, you will enter a heat-up state.

During the heat-up, the tension meter will continue to rise, and

If you throw an Familiar, you will enter Fever Time.


Genre Gothic horror shooter
Platform Nintendo Switch™ / PlayStation®4 / Steam / Xbox One* (*Digital Only)
Release date December 16, 2021
Number of players One or two players

Included titles

  • Arcade
  • Ver 1.1
  • Normal
DEATHSMILES Mega Black Label
  • Arcade
  • Ver 1.1
  • Normal
  • Arcade
  • IIX
  • Arrange


Additional Characters Gothic wa Mahou Otome 5 Characters Set image

Additional Characters Gothic wa Mahou Otome 5 Characters Set

Characters from “Gothic wa Mahou Otome,” a full-fledged shooting RPG for smartphones that shares the same worldview as “DEATHSMILES I・II,” have joined the fray!


The five characters known as “5 Otome” - Ranan, Cattleya, Souffle, Plumeria, and Rosalie - can now be used as their own machines in Death Smiles.


The game has been carefully tuned for this title, and new voices and demo scenes have been added. You can enjoy the story and the stages with a fresh feeling.


*The “Gothic Wa Mahou Otome” 5 Otome DLC Set can be used in Ver. 1.1 mode and Normal mode in both “Death Smiles” and “Death Smiles Mega Black Label”.


◆DLC contents

・Additional character: Ranun

・Additional character: Cattleya

・Additional character: Souffle

・Additional character: Plumeria

・Additional character: Rosalie

・Gothic wa Mahou Otome original BGM

・Gothic wa Mahou Otome Deathsmiles Respect Arrange BGM


◆How to activate the DLC

Press the Switch DLC button on Deathsmiles' mode selection screen to switch to the DLC version of the corresponding mode.

To change BGM, go to the Options menu and select Sound. You can change the BGM for all stages at once or configure them for individual stages.

Additional Characters Gothic wa Mahou Otome 5 Characters Set Screent Shot 1
Additional Characters Gothic wa Mahou Otome 5 Characters Set Screent Shot 2

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Download Version

North America



Steam package version

Special Edition

Deathsmiles I・II for Steam Special Edition



・Special Box


・Mouse Pad


・Gothic wa Mahou Otome DEATHSMILES Respect Arrange Soundtrack


・Steam Keys

1. Deathsmiles I・II

2. DLC Character Gothic wa Mahou Otome - 5 Characters Set

3. Gothic wa Mahou Otome DEATHSMILES Respect Arrange Digital Soundtrack


Clear File


Logo Sticker

Ebten Bonus


Nintendo Switch / PlayStation 4 Package Version

Limited edition「Gothic wa Mahou Otome LOVE MAX EDITION」

Limited edition「Gothic wa Mahou Otome LOVE MAX EDITION」

・DLC Character Gothic wa Mahou Otome “5 Characters Set” DL Code


・Gothic wa Mahou Otome “DEATHSMILES Respect Arrange Soundtrack”

Arranged by Daisuke Matsumoto

First Purchase Bonuses

First Purchase Bonuses

・Gothic wa Mahou Otome Clear file that looks like an instruction card

Store Bonuses

Clarice Shop bonuses

・Clarice Shop Bonuses:

Gothic wa Mahou Otome “DEATHSMILES Respect Arrange” SonoSheet & Download Code

Arranged by Daisuke Matsumoto

amiami bonuses

・AmiAmi Bonuses:

Original acrylic key chains

GEO bonuses

・GEO Bonuses:

Original acrylic stand

GAME SHOP 1983 bonuses

・Game Shop 1983 Bonuses:

Original double-sided underlay

Joshin bonuses

・Joshin Bonuses:

3 types of original dress-up jackets

sofmap bonuses

・Sofmap Bonuses:

Original B2 size tapestry

TRADER bonuses

・TRADER Bonuses:

Original B2 size tapestry

Neowing bonuses

・Neowing Bonuses:

Original can badges

BEEP bonuses

・BEEP Bonuses

A case that looks like a “circuit board box” with illustrations drawn by Junya Inoue.

Yodobashi Camera Bonuses

・Yodobashi Camera Bonuses

3 types of original dress-up jackets

Rakuten books bonuses

・Rakuten Books Bonuses:

B2 cloth poster drawn by Junya Inoue

WonderGOO bonuses

・WonderGOO Bonuses:

B2 Tapestry drawn by Junya Inoue bonuses

・ Bonuses:

Original acrylic stand bonuses

・ Limited Set Benefits:

Newly drawn chara fine board by Junya Inoue.

ebten bonuse

・ebten Famitsu DX Pack Benefits:

B2 Tapestry drawn by Junya Inoue
“Death Smiles” original acrylic panel
“Gilverado” A4 microfiber towel

“Windia & Casper” 3D Crystal