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2022/09/14 Akai Katana Shin to be playable at Tokyo Game Show

From September 15 (Thu.) to September 18 (Sun.), Akai Katana Shin will be playable at Tokyo Game Show.

City Connection TGS2022 special website :


◆Akai Katana Shin's display booth

Hall 3 N03 "Happinet"

Floor map :



If you visit Happinet's booth and test the game, you will receive a pin badge with the logo of the game as a present.

◆Official show information

In spring 2022, legendary game festival "Shooters fes" made a lot of shooting games globally known and this time, a new festival will be held: "Gamers fes". City Connection will display some of its titles during this festival, including "Akai Katana Shin".

Schedule :

  • ・ September 17 (Sat.) From 16:00
  • ・ September 18 (Sun.) From 16:30

Special guests :

  • Daisuke Matsumoto (City Connection)
  • Ikeda Minorock (Game Center Mikado)

Happinet Gamers Fes official website :


City Connection official Twitter :

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